Akron Invisalign

Invisalign® can be used to treat most common dental problems, ranging from minor to extensive adjustments. However, determining whether it is right for you will depend on your particular needs and dental conditions. Schedule a consultation so that we can evaluate your situation and provide you with more information about whether Invisalign is right for you.

Have you ever wished there were a way to fix your teeth misalignment but without metal braces? There is. It is called Invisalign.

Maybe you have an important business meeting coming up. Or you’ve got a wedding or family reunion just around the corner. Not a problem. Simply take out your aligners for your special event and then just put them back in once you’re done. You don’t have to rearrange your social life—or even change your eating habits—just because you want a straighter, more confident smile.

Invisalign for Straighter Teeth

Our team takes the time to get to know you personally, listening to your needs and goals for straighter teeth. You will receive customized care, centered on fulfilling your unique goals and treating any dental concerns that may arise. Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Improve your smile without having to worry about your appearance. Invisalign is virtually invisible and space is convenient for everyday life.

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile. Having a bright, beautiful smile can help you to feel more confident every time you enter a room. It can also make it easier to chew, smile, and speak. Our dedicated cosmetic dentist offers a full range of painless cosmetic dental treatments including Invisalign clear braces.

Considering Invisalign in Akron?

If you are considering Invisalign, Akron cosmetic dentist Randolph Nico can help you to make an informed decision on whether it is right for you. Invisalign® can quickly straighten your teeth with a series of custom-molded aligners. This effective solution also offers a number of additional benefits compared to traditional braces, including the following:

  • Clear, virtually undetectable aligners
  • Shorter treatment time and dental visits
  • More comfortable than traditional braces
  • Can be removed to eat, drink, and brush your teeth more comfortably

With Invisalgn invisible braces, you can straighten your smile discretely, without sacrificing your professional appearance. But not only are Invisalign invisible braces nearly invisible, your custom-made aligners are also removable—meaning you can take them out for meals, brushing, and special events.

We are committed to becoming your trusted family dentist for life. Dr. Nico and our staff understand that some patients may feel nervous or anxious about their upcoming visit—but rest assured that we work to create a positive, relaxing experience for our patients every time they visit. We offer the gentle touch and friendly disposition that our younger and more anxious patients need in order to feel completely comfortable when they visit us.

Alternative to Traditional Braces

Do you feel trapped by misaligned teeth? Maybe you want to fix them, but you think you’re limited to traditional braces. Thankfully, that’s not the case at all.

Clear align therapy is a new technology that allows the patients to straight their teeth without bands or metal wires. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners(sometimes referred to as clear braces) that you change approximately every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.

New and emerging research is pointing to complex links between oral health and general health. From nutrition to digestion, from diabetes to heart disease, the mouth is a gateway to the body. Strong teeth and gums, free of disease, can lead to a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life. Replacing missing teeth and repairing broken ones can improve chewing, strengthen the jaw and provide confidence and comfort.

Why choose us?

  • Advanced Dental Technology
  • Preventative and restorative dental services
  • Dental emergencies
  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures
  • Different payment options
  • State of the Art Facility
  • Personalized, Gentle Care
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

How Long Will Invisalign Take?

Typically, patients need Invisalign for only about a year from start to finish. We can provide you with a better idea of what to expect during your consultation.

To assist you prior to your appointment, we have provided our patient paperwork online to print and complete at home. Take a moment to fill these out and bring them with you to your appointment. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact our office.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage and let us know how we can help to make your entire dental experience a pleasant one.

A healthy mouth is an investment in you and your family’s general health & quality of life. We want to help you with dental payment options that make this investment attainable. We accept most major credit cards and have partnered with third party payment options to help you take care of your teeth and gums for life.

Invisalign Cost

We know cost is a big question when considering orthodontic work. In most cases, Invisalign treatment is comparable to the cost of traditional braces. However, as with other medical treatments, only your doctor can determine the cost, based on your specific needs. Other factors may include your treatment goals, the difficulty of your case, how long you are in treatment and other possible factors. For further information, please contact our office to schedule your Free, No Obligation Invisalign consultation, where all your questions and concerns will be answered.

Invisalign Financing Options


We can offer a variety of no-interest* and low monthly payment plans. And CareCredit works just like a credit card so it’s easy to use over again without having to reapply.

CareCredit providers choose which payment plans they offer. Please contact us to find out which plans we have available.

CareCredit offers a full range of payment plans. Our 3, 6, 12, & 18 month No Interest* payment plans feature monthly payments as low as 3% of the balance and let you pay within the specified time without incurring interest charges. Simply make your minimum monthly payment and pay off your entire balance during the agreed upon time period, and you’ll pay no interest.

For patients/clients with higher treatment fees who would prefer more time to pay with lower monthly payments, our 24, 36, 48, & 60 month extended payment plans* offer a low, 14.9% interest rate and an extended term.

Citi® Health Card – Treatments today. Payment tomorrow.

Use your Citi Health Card to get flexible payment plans for the treatments your family needs. Participating providers may offer a variety of payment plans* for many procedures that aren’t fully covered by insurance.

If you qualify the Citi Health Card also accesses the Citi Health MasterCard® account that can be used everywhere else MasterCard® credit cards are accepted. Purchases made at participating providers will be charged to the Citi Health Card account. Purchases made everywhere else are billed to the Citi Health MasterCard® account.