Akron Family Dentistry

The Cosmetic Dentistry of Akron philosophy is to treat his patients the way that he would treat his own family and friends. In our family dental practice, you will be treated like a person.

Our goal is to bring patients into optimal oral health, and keep them there. He wants his patients to have healthy teeth and gums for life. In a new patient intake, you are given a personal consultation where Dr. Nico will listen to your dental concerns and educate you on your options.

He provides a full array of dental services for your convenience. This includes regular checkups, cosmetic dentistry, treatment of gum disease, cavities, emergencies, migraine headaches, spa services, and more. He is great with familys, elderly patients, and complicated cases.

Cosmetic Dentistry of Akron is always accepting new patients, and offers free consultations. Please feel free to give us a call anytime or email.

We work on children ranging in age from toddlers to college students. We do our best to intercept developing bite problems in order to eliminate or reduce the need for future orthodontic treatment. We want to EDUCATE you and your child. We want to do everything in our power to make certain that you have the information necessary to prevent dental disease. But if you DO need us, we will be here.

Once again, we have been doing this for over 40 years ! We accept MOST insurance plans, and will make sure that payment concerns won’t keep your children from receiving dental care. We can take care of anything you need.  We Provide many services customized for your children, including:

Preventive dentistry

including oral examination, cleaning, flouride treatment and sealants. Restorative dentistry: including crowns, tooth colored fillings, cosmetic bonding, and bleaching.

Interceptive orthodontics

including preventive orthodontic procedures to guide the growth and developement of your child’s bite, and in many cases eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment. 24/7

Emergency Care

We provide care for special needs: including access to an outpatient surgery center which can provice sedation. We confidently state, that your children will receive the best possible care via a STATE OF THE ART facility, staffed by some of the brightest, PROVEN professionals anywhere in the area. They will be treated the way YOU would want them to be treated.

Akron Pediatric Dentist

As Pediatric Dentists, we would do exactly what you are doing as parents. That is, making sure when it comes to children, we do everything possible to make decisions that  that would be in their best interest.

Kids of ALL ages REALLY DO love us ! The entire staff is very “kid friendly”. Your child will not FEAR the dentist. The “pain” issue will be eliminated. Giving your child a brand new smile, will be EXCITING ! So yes, from cavity’s to interceptive orthodontics, we do it all and are very well respected for our excellent work.

When you have KIDS begging their parents to go see the dentist,well – we must be doing something right ! This is the  reason why so  MANY of our patients travel great distances to be here. Find out for yourself! Simply make an informed and educated decision….and give us an opportunity to earn your trust. You AND your children will instantly know that you have come to a VERY special, caring, nurturing, loving and KNOWLEDGEABLE Pediatric Dental Practice.

We feel you will be very impressed with my entire staff.  Dr. Nico have  EXCELLENT credentials. Our employees, ranging from the  business office staff to dental assistants have been with us for MANY years. Our collective obsession with your child’s dental care….we believe…is unmatched. Again, Pediatric dentistry is all we do. You’ll be SO OVERWHELMED with the happiness of you children  that YOU may want us to work on YOU! But…no can do. It’s all about the kids. That’s our area of expertise. And, we are proud to say that KIDS LOVE US !!! This is REALLY IMPORTANT !  Our goal is to form a bond with your children that will last throughout their years ! We KNOW how to treat kids !  We KNOW how to put them at ease !  MOST of our business is referral business.

We could write a lot of technical terms and use many big words here, but we’d rather you simply come on in, meet with us, and allow us one opportunity to earn your respect and business. We offer all of the services you would expect from a reputable dental practice.

However…OUR emphasis is placed upon a STRONG desire to provide your child with EXCEPTIONAL Dental care THROUGHOUT their growing years, and teach them dentistry without fear.