Tooth Sensitivity after Cavity Filling

Sometimes, after a dental procedure where a cavity has been filled, tooth sensitivity may be experienced, depending on the procedure and the severity of the illness, which has been rehabilitated. In some cases, the dentist cannot immediately put a permanent filling, but puts a temporary filling soaked in a medication, which is supposed to reduce the future possibility of tooth sensitivity. If enamel has been affected by the caries, it may happen that even after the tooth has been repaired, the hot and cold sensibility remains. This happens when the cavity has reached or was close to the nerve.

In such cases it is possible that some sort of tenderness to the affected area has been contracted, it will take a little bit of time for it to heal completely. The dentist may prescribe some pain medication, whereby it is very often problematic, because in cases where not enough of the affected area has been cleaned, or the decay has extended beyond the visible cavity area, pain is the signal that additional treatment is necessary.

In any case, if discomfort persists into the next day, or reappears after a few days have passed since the final filling has been affixed, an immediate emergency session with your dentist will become very likely, at least a concerned phone call is recommended, to brief the doctor of the unfortunate progress.

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